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We're playing Charlie O's again September 8! It was a ton of fun last time around and we expect it to be equally as rawkus this time. We're still tinkering on the album and have been brainstorming video ideas. The hope is to get the album mixed and mastered by mid-September, looking for a late-September/early-October release. Look for it soon!
So our Higher Ground show may have been canceled, but that just let us set our sights on our upcoming Charlie O's gig June 16th with Thee Icepicks from Maine. If you haven't heard them, you should check them out. Here's a fun lil' ditty: Telstar to Uranus.
Jeremiah Cole Johnson (drummer) here. It's been a while. Our “real” jobs have kept us pretty balls to the wall over the past few months, but not so much that we haven't had a chance to tinker on the new album, T3. We're hoping now for a late-summer release. Yours truly is working on some new cover art concepts involving space centipedes, lasers, aliens (of the Mars Attacks variety), and more flamingos. Our mascot flamingo, Paul Revere, finally got a song named after him on this new album. Max has been productive and recorded most of his guitar parts, so it's down to layering in the bass and vocals now. Hopefully we'll be at the mixing stage by mid-summer. We'll post some new tunes in the coming months.
2011 was getting old! We started the new year by launching a dozen or so new tunes, and will be recording them over the next month or two. We are incredibly stoked to roll out the new album, “T3”, sometime this spring. This will be our third and BEST album ever--and we don't just mean the best TR album—we mean the BEST ALBUM EVER RECORDED BY ANY BAND IN EXISTENCE AT ANY TIME THROUGHOUT HISTORY. So if you know anyone who likes music, you might want to let them know.

In the meantime you can catch us playing some of these tunes at the Monkey House and Nectar's (check out our 'shows' section for details). Happy 2012!